How interesting

that within a single sentence, lies

the power to transport one’s mind to



One could be taken to a little cottage;

where the table is covered in a red and white

tablecloth, the kettle is on

the cream window frame frames a mountain,

a friend

the white ceiling fan fans the air around

the little room

music plays softly.


Or, one could be taken to some grass

where stars shine high above

There are no clouds

No song fits this place, this space where

thoughts roam


I want to be taken to

the place where in a day, or two,

there will, for me, be nothing

but memory


A memory where clouds are scarce

where picturesque views are never ending

a cliche, perhaps, is now the

Great Barrier Reef


but to appear unique and fresh

I will attempt to provide only words

that make up imagery, only feelings

that are forced to be felt

by the ever moving tide, by the ever moving,

ever changing, mind, that is myself


And so, we begin, the meditation that is

Heron Island that I have only just begun to understand.


Noa Abrahams is a Year 10 student at The King David School. She is a freelance writer for Express Media. Noa initiated and edits her school magazine, The Crown. Noa's short story on the theme, "My First Lesson" was selected for publication in A New Anthology of Writing from Young Authors edited by Alice Pung.

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