I let her play dress up

With closet treasures.

Sedate boxy handbags

carefully stuffed with tissue paper.

Italian leather satchels

treated with saddle soap

and polished to a rich sheen.

Timeless familiar Chanel bags

with the chains placed inside.

Bright plastic sports bags

with pockets for water bottles and sneakers.

Trendy plastic summer bags

big enough for sunscreen, shades, and a beach read.

A Judith Lieber minaudiere holding perfume vials.

Beaded evening clutches

with hooks inside for hanging on tables.

Tiny wristlets for keys and phone,

big on bling and punch.

Roomy long-handled totes

for Psalms and bag lunches to tuck inside.

What will her mother find when

She enters my closet?

What will she discover

When the time comes?

Which bags will she appropriate

As her legacy?

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Faigie Horowitz
Fashion backward or forward.do... (17 KB) Founding board member of Rachel's Place, a shelter for runaway and homeless girls, and several other organizations, I am a career counselor, management consultant, columnist, published writer, marketing professional, and rebbitzen on Long Island. Faigie Horowitz, MS http://www.linkedin.com/in/faigiehorowitz

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