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Jewish Women of Words is a space for discussion and reflection about what it means to be a Jewish woman in the increasingly complex world today.

It is an inclusive platform for sharing and testing ideas. Whether you are new to writing or practiced at it, we welcome your contributions. Jewish Women of Words is for people from all places and backgrounds. Whatever and however you identify, this is a place for you to hang out and explore your world, experiences and beliefs.

Learning is an ongoing process, valued by Jewish tradition. This is a space to engage with others who have different experiences and perspectives in a respectful and open way.

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We, your editors, Liora Miller, Deborah Rechter and Simone Szalmuk Singer have a broad range of interests and experience. We manage Jewish Women of Words alongside our day jobs and our families. So, please be patient with us and engage with the platform in the spirit of cooperation and with generosity.

We hope that you will find your voice here and hang with us from time to time. We look forward to lively debate and respectful discussion. Please see Submit an Article for details of how to upload your submissions.


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