How will history remember this year?
Filled with terrors, errors and so much fear.
I will never forget the loss of my career,
That spanned a lifetime of laughter,
And sometimes a tear.
It went so fast.
Seemed like a minute, then became the past.
Is there a lesson to learn from all this?
What steps to avoid another sad crisis?
Can you hoard some form of happiness?
Yes . . . At least I think we can.
You can choose to take a pill and chill,
Or, be of help to others who will,
Unexpectedly help you to gradually fill,
That awful void inside your head.
So, when at night, you take to your bed,
You are absolutely, completely exhausted.
Then, you are too tired to think so much.
Shopping, eating ice cream, are only
Temporary measures,
But hell, I love those fleeting pleasures.
Sometimes, that’s all I have.
It’s no sin.
That’s where I have been,
Many times in a depressed state.
However, it is never too late,
To get out, exercise and speculate,
What your day will finally bring.
Let’s just look forward to Spring!
There really is no rousing cheer,
I will never forget this exhausting year.
However, I want to make it perfectly clear,
I feel better, bit by bit.
Very sincerely, I want to,
Thank you dear friends who helped me through it.
Article by Author/s
Carol Ostrow
I am a former Actress, Dancer, Choreographer, Director, High Fashion Model, Las Vegas Showgirl, Playboy Bunny, Broadway Producer, (until this year) and, for the last five years, the very proud president of The Actors' Temple in New York City. My book, POEMS FROM MY PAMDEMIC PEN, by Carol Ostrow, was published this November by the publisher THREE TOMATOES.

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