Your Israeli friends are NOT ok. Your Israeli friends away from Israel and your Jewish friends are also NOT ok. Do we need to hide our Jewishness? Do we need to be ashamed we are a family? Do we need to explain why we are a family?

I have been with the leftists, all my life. Part of the reason why I do not live in Israel was the conflict and the way my government was dealing with it through the years. I have shouted loud and clear opposed to the brutality against innocent people.

On 7 October 2023, my life changed.

When your sister or brother or daughter will be raped in front of you, then beheaded only because they are female or male or from France or trans or Christian and the killer will run next door, and on the door there’s a family name ‘Palestinians’, and the killer takes the neighbours hostage and says “I don’t know what you are talking about, which rape? Which butchering?” Then you will understand the Israeli family better.

When this happens to you, I hope someone will be there for you – you who have been fighting to keep these murderers around, talking about their human rights. Look at the people who were murdered at this peace party. Look at the children. We heard from the people who cleared the bodies, what they said with horror in their eyes. We the left, who fought for the rights of the Palestinians for years, who did more for them than any other rich Arab country around. To date Egypt is still not allowing them temporary shelter. If it was up to us there would have been two states ages ago.

We fought with our own brothers (from the right) for years. All my friends and all my family are on the left. But in a week where we still have not buried all of the innocent people who were brutally murdered by terrorists, remember this: it was Hamas who butchered Palestinians that refused to be under their thumb, who take all the money given to them for building their city and buy weapons with it, poor people who are being used as human shields,  We support those poor people, but if you do, make sure you also peep at what happened on 7 October and give condolences to your other friends.  We also need help now; we were killed and betrayed. Do not make us more Jewish than humans, because our blood will be on your hands. Jewish people have lived in Israel for thousands of years, so when you post the Israeli map, I suggest you perform deeper research.

Thank you for fighting for human rights. Indeed, following the 7 October nightmare, as my dear friends are aware, some of my dear Muslim friends were amongst the first to call me about horror of what happened. The 5 centimetres in the Middle East which make up our homeland, suffered an evil attack, not only on Jews, but also on all the Israeli Arabs and many other nations, not to mention the 200 hostages!

If you want to help the Palestinians, make sure you also salute your friends in Israel who are burying their people. Bring balance if you want to help. Help fight the terror that maintains the problem. But if you just want to change your profile photo to the Palestine flag , if you are an ignorant human-rights-activist, I’m removing you from my feeds. No one will take my right to be human away. Nor should you allow anyone to either.


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Ronit Bergman
Ronit Bergman is the author of three books of poetry: Honey Lasso (ILI ILI, 2012), The Hair of my Heart (PNV Publikacii, 2011), and A Grave of Your Own (Gvanim, 2007). She is the recipient of the Scholarship of Excellency for the discipline of literature, awarded by the Israeli Ministry of Culture, Science and Sports in 2007. Her work has appeared in Shvo (Editorial of Even Hoshen), Proza, and Iton 77 in Hebrew; and in The San Diego State University Press Poetry International, Slovokult, Nashe Pismo, La Mangrana, and elsewhere in English and Macedonian. She has recorded her poetry with her three alternative rock bands (Plastic Venus, One Of Us, and Undone) in 13 music albums, published by indie Israeli and UK record labels (Dental, Swim, The Third Ear, Earsay Records, Fact records, Fruit De Mer) and by her own label Meeting Tent. Her most recent album is “To My Nervous System With Love” (2022). In 2022, she began her self-challenge online project “1000 Days To Wisdom”. She has lived in Israel, the USA, the UK, and now lives in Skopje, North Macedonia.


  1. Thank you, dear Ronit.
    I agree with this 100%. It is grotesque and terrifying, what is happening around the world since October 7.
    If you are OK with it, I would like to share your message on FB, perhaps LinkedIn.
    I know of you through mutual friends in Switzerland and am mourning with them, with Israel and with my Jewish friends and family in the US.
    Shabbat shalom.
    Hannah Osborne

    • ronit bergman Reply

      Thank you for your feedback dear Hannah, i am touched. Ofcourse you may share it!

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