On a sacred island

Inside the vast sea

There is a lady

A magnificent she


Surrounded by trees

With roots in the sky

She is forming gale winds

That releases reflections


Her armies are vast

Her powers are cosmic

She possesses the hidden 

Delivered through time


The ocean embodies her intangible notion

She is a dangerous weapon

That can answer your Why


 Four rivers come from Eden

They rumble lights that speaks

He who fills the bodies of water on land –

Is a Place for you to seek

Article by Author/s
Michal Bar-Or Karro
Michal Bar-Or Karro is an Israeli poet currently resides in Cape Town South Africa. She is the author of the book 'אבי משוטט בארץ' supported by "The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts" and the "Israeli Ministry of Culture and Sports". Her recent work is forthcoming or has appeared in Israeli magazines, journals and websites. Inspired by her Jewish identity and spiritual roots, her poetry relates and reflects the feminine kabalistic ideas, the Shechinah, Jewish mysticism and the relationship between us humans and what is Devine. Michal is a freelance creative content writer, web designer, brand development, strategic consultant and a co-founder of an Israeli dance company named Con-Calore. She studied psychology, architecture, international trade and digital marketing management. Worked in the Israeli high-tech field, in the art and music industries and spent a few years managing social justice programs for disadvantaged populations in several NPO's. She also initiated and implemented a verity of projects in the artistic eco-system of Israel in the fields of music & dance.

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