The pink light of the sunset
Reflects inside the window pane.
Reflects memories, reflects pain.

I felt I wanted to climb outside to take these shots because
the photo can’t capture
the layers and changes of colours
bleeding into each other,
tipping the cloud-tops
with a silent mystic glow.

How breathtaking it really is – the photo can’t show.

My heart aches with sadness and gratefulness at the same time.
It’s made room for grief and lives with it –
Side by side every day.
But it’s taken time to get to this place.
Side by side every day.
I know so many who feel
this way.

I’ve read your stories and I’ve lived with you through some.
And I know the wish for things to have been otherwise –
To have been undone.
But side by side is what I’ve accepted over time.

Now the blood-orange horizon
Majestically vast – seen from this plane
Says open your grateful heart a little more –
You’re nearly home again.

Article by Author/s
Ruth Picker
Ruth Picker is a worker, wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend, poet and songwriter. She works for EY and created The Song Tailors project. Her return to songwriting after 30 years was triggered by personal tragedy around her.

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