Twas was the night before Turkey Day
And all through our home
Preparations for family and friends
Were all a-go.

Out came the fall décor
Paper turkeys, fake leaves
Along with menorahs, candles
Dreidels, the frying pan, oil and more.

We set the table
In colours of orange and blue
While combining these festive holidays
Because it seems the right thing to do.

In 2021, the two events are just days apart
Where guests will gather, many or just a few
Laden with pumpkin pies and wrapped gifts in blue
So why not celebrate being an American and a Jew?

The calendar brings us to these days not far apart
Let us blend our feast of abundance
By replacing sweet potatoes with grated and fried
And savour all the dishes with cheers of delight.

We will be reminded of the very old miracle we call Chanukah
Along with the newer holiday of Giving Thanks
For living in a country of freedom
Where we can all commemorate Thanksgivukkah!

My wishes for you during this season as an American and a Jew
Are to be blessed with a table of plenty and leftovers too
Many latkes, doughnuts and eight nights of bright lights
And gifts of an abundance of health and joy in 2022!

Article by Author/s
Sandra Taradash
As a Baby Boomer Bubbe who still feels 18 but has four grand kids to prove this is the 21st Century, Sandra writes to leave a legacy for the next generations. Her belief that these precious kids need to know their cultural and family's past in order for them to live their best future is all the muse she needs. She has a Master's Degree in Psychology and Cross Cultural studies, has written a family history, personal memoir, has completed her first novel and is working on her second. She spent some of her best times as a national board member to Women of Reform Judaism and president of her Temple's chapter. She also worked for The J, the Jewish newspaper of the San Francisco Bay Area. Her Bubbe's journey to America from Russia, with a life of too many losses, is her source for her deep belief and love for Judaism and family. Sandra is proudly Californian born and bred. These days, when Sandra is not writing or spending time with her three children and grandchildren, she is a Home Chef for local families who don't have time to cook healthy, fresh meals. She creates weekly menus for the families to choose from, provides their ingredient list and then goes to the client's home and cooks the various dishes! Stories and food---SO Jewish!

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