Her thoughts prey on Judaism and love;
She sees two futures pulling her apart.
Her ears listen to God’s voice from above,
But not enough to fix her weeping heart.

A spouse that shares her Jewish devotion,
Is whom the community says marry.
She asks why is this the only notion;
Continuity she has to carry.

But she wants the freedom for true passion,
A real connection with anyone.
Too much pressure makes her face turn ashen,
Then she recalls how her people begun:

Years of pain, too close to nonexistence;
Her choice dictates her people’s persistence.


(Image drawn by Malli Rubinstein)

Article by Author/s
Liora Sher
Liora Sher is 19 years old and graduated last year from Mount Scopus College. She is currently studying a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Hons) at Monash University.

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