Any writing on issues of interest to Jewish women will be considered for publication. Each submission is reviewed by 2 editors of Jewish Women of Words. This is a respectful and engaged community. This means that to be involved you will:

  • Upload submissions via email. We reserve the right to tweak.
  • Express only personal opinions, and write on your own behalf, not as a representative of another organization.
  • Use facts and figures responsibly. Don’t insult or defame anyone. If we get sued you will be responsible for any damage that we suffer as a consequence.
  • Understand that as we are a not-for-profit site and cannot pay a fee for publishing your work.
  • Write in any genre you like, but try to limit pieces to a maximum of about 1000 words.
  • Identify with any or no gender but write on subject matter of interest to Jewish women.
  • Be the copyright holder of your own work. If it’s not, and we get sued, you will be responsible for any damages awarded against us.
  • Continue to own copyright of your work, but we can edit, publish, republish as we wish.


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