Ros Ben-Moshe

Ros is the founding Director of LaughLife Wellbeing Programs, a leading provider of laughter wellness, positivity and mindfulness programs. She is Adjunct lecturer at the School of Public Health at La Trobe University, where for many years she lectured in health promotion and public health. She is author of the critically acclaimed “Laughing at cancer – How to Heal with Love, Laughter and Mindfulness” ( based on a series of journals she wrote following a shock diagnosis of bowel cancer at the age of 42. Ros is Ambassador for the digital CancerAid app, mentor for Bowel Cancer Australia peer/buddy program, and It is both a memoir of her journey to wellness and wellbeing guide for anyone facing a significant health or life challenge, and not specifically cancer. Her laughter therapy work in aged care and for patients on dialysis has featured in mainstream Australian media and her book has featured on national TV and radio.
My shock diagnosis of bowel cancer got me thinking about the language around cancer. It really annoyed me. It is all-pervasive — ‘she has cancer’, ‘he has cancer’, as opposed to being contained and specific, for example, she has a cancer in her breast, he has a cancer in his prostate. Saying a person has


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