In which lifetime did we dance?
Whirling in a cosmic joke of immortality
Wanderers through the temple of lost souls
Hovering above the rooftops of the Jerusalem of Jerusalems
Across the Oldest of Old Cities.

Seekers of the riddles of ultimate wisdom
Your questions reverberate off the cobblestones of ambiguities
Meander in a multitude of maybes

I have no answers as to the whys and wherefores.
Your eyes reveal everything and nothing at the same time.
How do I know your life won’t affect mine?

Old City – Jerusalem
August 2012

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Suki Rae
Flutist/singer/songwriter Suki Rae has been performing internationally for over thirty years including: Alice Tully Hall, San Francisco Womens's Festival;Michigan Womens' Music Festival;New York City's Women in Jazz; Jerusalem Womens’Music Festival,Makor,JCC, and MUNY’s Bell Atlantic Jazz Festival. She has won numerous awards such as: ASCAP;Finalist in Hoiellart,Belgium Jazz Festival,and last year a grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and been a musician in residence at Cornell univesity, In Israel,Spain,New Mexico,Colorado, and Florida among others.. She has acted,written and directed for film and TV; and been on radio and TV. In 2005 she wrote lyrics,music,text, directed,acted in and produced an autobiographical musical at the Writer’s Voice in New York City.She appears in a documentary with the rock band,”OASIS”. She has released seven recordings,six of original music. Her music is on: itunes,spotify,amazon,you tube,vimeo,sound cloud and CD Baby. Suki has taught in the NYC Schools for thirty years. She is also an ordained interfaith minister since 2004. She has a BA from the University of California Berkeley and an MA from NYU in Music and Film. Her main website is

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