When travel restrictions are lifted, we will visit the one bedroom apartment on the first floor of a narrow stone building in an old part of town.  We will walk through the door of this little place purchased sight unseen from 7,000 miles away in the midst of a pandemic.

Some said we couldn’t get a mortgage there. “You don’t live there, you don’t have a bank account there and at seventy plus, you are too old.”  So we took out a mortgage on our home in America.

With the help of a real estate agent we have yet to meet in person and a lawyer friend who made aliyah a few years back, we used the mortgage money to purchase this little place, sight unseen in a narrow stone building . . . in Jerusalem.

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Annie Gotlieb
Anna (Annie) Gotlieb is a wife, mother and grandmother. She is the author of four books: Between the Lines, In Other Words, Full Circle and Pinkey’s. The first two books are collections of first-person vignettes. The last two are novels. Pinkey’s was published in 2022.

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