When travel restrictions are lifted, we will visit the one bedroom apartment on the first floor of a narrow stone building in an old part of town.  We will walk through the door of this little place purchased sight unseen from 7,000 miles away in the midst of a pandemic.

Some said we couldn’t get a mortgage there. “You don’t live there, you don’t have a bank account there and at seventy plus, you are too old.”  So we took out a mortgage on our home in America.

With the help of a real estate agent we have yet to meet in person and a lawyer friend who made aliyah a few years back, we used the mortgage money to purchase this little place, sight unseen in a narrow stone building . . . in Jerusalem.

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Annie Gotlieb
Anna (Annie) Gotlieb retired a year ago from a lengthy career as head of public relations for an agency in Rockland County, New York and editor of the magazine published by that agency. She is the author of three books: Between the Lines, C.I.S.; In Other Words, Targum Press and Full Circle. The first two are collections of vignettes, the third is a novel. During the last four months, while waiting for a vaccine or a miracle, she writes every day. Annie is a wife, a mother and a grandmother.

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